Whose Got Your Back?

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Whose Got Your Back?

So there I was, ready to start another Project. This one just so happened to be in Idaho. Just by knowing the state, I am able to already tell that my rental equipment sourcing process is going to be a pain in the butt. Ill be overcharged, yanked around, and taken advantage of just to get a needed piece of equipment on site. Its very frustrating when the equipment supplier I use primarily isn't available in certain areas around the United States. Even more frustrating that my company has 10+ accounts with different supply yards around the United States. John and I both know the importance of convenience and efficiency. We created ProsRent.com to assist project managers and owners alike in getting equipment on site, in a timely manner, at great rates that don't eat into budget. This has become one of our most competitive advantages, its very important to us that project managers have more time to focus on client and projects rather than trivial things like equipment rental. I know how frustrating it can be by personal experience, which is why I recommend ProsRent.com as your rental equipment go to.

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